Seco is well-known for its wide, innovative and powerful range of milling cutters and inserts for milling in almost any work material - from soft steel or easy-to-machine aluminium to difficult-to-machine super alloys.

The milling cutters and inserts represent a comprehensive range for all applications - from milling of small components in small machining centers to heavy-duty-milling in high power milling machines in following functions :

• Face milling
• Square shoulder milling
• Slot milling with disc mills
• Pocket milling with drilling end mills
• Contour milling with end mills and helical mills
• Copy milling and a lot of other operations as plunging
• Thread milling
• Spot facing
• Radii milling
• Chamfer milling

The lathe holders have many types in the different functions: internal holders,external,holder,grooving  holders, parting-off holders, threading holders, capto holders,  jetstream holders.

Including with holdmaking holders , EPB tooling sytems and solid endmill carbide “JABRO”

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