Hardinge is the leader in providing a wide range of highly reliable turning, milling, grinding and workholding solutions. We never compromise on product design, so customers can count on Hardinge to help them make the right part to the required specification, every time. The breadth and depth of our product solutions are unmatched in the industry, enabling us to support a variety of market applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, construction, agriculture, mold, tool and die, and more.

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Our product lines range from:  

• Precision, to high-performance, Super-Precision multi-tasking CNC lathes;
• Manual knee mills to high-performance vertical and horizontal multi-tasking CNC machining centers;
• The world’s largest manufacturer of precision collets, chucks and workholding systems.

Our company mission statement is clear – to design and build “best-in-class,” affordable product solutions for customers whose performance and price requirements are as diverse as they are. From super-precision, high-performance, leading edge technological solutions to our most budget-conscious offerings, our commitment to excellence has brought customers back to Hardinge again and again, for more than 100 years.


Product Turning
The Hardinge T-Series turning centers and SUPER-PRECISION? T-Series turning centers set the standard in high-precision and high-performance turning that will take your part quality and manufacturing capabilities to new heights. T-Series machines are designed to exceed your expectations and are ideal for two axis high precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and for parts made complete in a single setup.
Hard Turning Machine (Made in USA)


Picture : HARDINGE T-42 (6” Chuck)


 T-42 (6” Chuck) 
 T-51 (8” Chuck) 
 T-65 (10” Chuck) 


Hardinge Multi-Tasking TALENT® Series




The Hardinge TALENT® Series multi-tasking CNC lathes are outstanding machine tools that will dramatically increase your manufacturing capabilities. These machines are ruggedly built and at the same time offer a high level of functionality as well as accuracy. They are designed to work with a number of different types of workholding systems in order to provide the user with the utmost in functionality. With specifications and standard features often found only in much higher price machine tools, Hardinge TALENT® Series machines are an exceptional addition to any machining facility seeking increased levels of productivity.



Hardinge GS Series-Performance

GS-Series CNC lathes are outstanding machines for the price. These rigid and reliable machines feature a robust one-piece cast iron base, heavy-duty linear guideways and ballscrews, and many standard value-added features. Choose from the numerous productivity options and you will truly have a versatile machine at a great price.

 GS 150 
 GS 200 
 GS 200/66 
 GS 200/66 L 
 GS 250 
 GS 250 L 


Product Milling

Bridgeport CONQUEST V1000

Bridgeport Conquest V1000

Picture : Bridgeport CONQUEST V1000



Bridgeport GX-Series - Performance (X,Y,Z)

Brideport GX 1000

Picture : Bridgeport GX 1000


Increased manufacturing flexibility and improved machining performance are essential for companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge. In response to these new demands Bridgeport has launched a new line of GX VMCs.

 GX 480 
 GX 710 
 GX 600 
 GX 1000 
 GX 1300 
 GX 1600

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