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Fair Friend Group (FFG) was established in 1979 with the founding principles of reliability, growth,continuous advancement,best in quality,and strive for excellence. FFG consists of three major divisions of businesses: (1) Machine Tool Division, (2) Industry Equipment Division and (3) Green Energy Division. Machine Tool Division is the main business. Which overall performance of all group is 50%

Machine Tool Division of the group(FFG) was established in 1985. FFG is the original machining factory of the group. The main products during its beginning stage were Sawing Machines and Grinding Machines. Realizing the industry trend toward high automation and unmanned operations in the machine tool industry, the development in CNC Machine Tool was launched in the same year, and the brand name FEELER was established for the overseas marketing. In 1986, the first moving column vertical machining center in Taiwan was built and it was highly regarded by the market. After this success, the development of CNC Lathes was launched in order to complete the FEELER product line. The product range is contain as follow: Vertical/Horizontal turning and milling, 5-axis machining center, automatic production system and all line equipment...etc.

Product Double Column Machining Centers

FFG has become the world's largest machining center manufacturing group and the largest machine tool group in greater China (i.e. Taiwan / China / Hong Kong / Singapore and Southeast Asia). FFG operates 52 manufacturing bases worldwide and has 39 machine tool brands under the conglomerate. FFG is on track to become the world's largest machine tool group in 2018 and plays a vital role on the global stage based on the strategy of "Rooting in Taiwan, Market Cultivation in China, and business expansion worldwide" and the business philosophy of "innovation, brand marketing, human resource development, joint venture, and merger/acquisition".



Most important of all is that we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in machine tool development and production. With more than 2000 units sold we can prove that our products are highly appreciated by our customers.

Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

Horizontal Machining Center FMH-630
The FEELER FMH-630 is designed and engineered with efficiency, stability and heavy duty in mind. It is a machining center excellent for precision mold machining and heavy parts machining.

The brand new design concept of FMH series horizontal machining centers are dedicated to machine both mass production parts and general molds with high accuracy. The outstanding performance of FMH series machines from FEELER brings you the utmost cutting efficiency as well as maximum profitability.


Horizontal Machining Center FMH-1000


-T-Shaped base structure deploying linear guideways at Hi-Low step arrangement, 3 axes asopts linear roller guideways.
-Auto Pallet Changer is driven by servo motor, APC speed can be adjusted according to pallet load.
-Auto Tool Changer is driven via cam mechanism and servo motor, ATC speed can be adjusted according to tool weight.
-High power spindle motor with ZF gearbox, delivery high torque during low speed, suitable for heavy duty cutting.

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Horizontal turning centers



VDF T/TM turning and turning-milling centers from VDF Boehringer are the ideal choice for machining shafts and chuck parts, both in mass production for the automotive industry and its suppliers and for manufacturers and suppliers involved in medium and small series production, such as machinery/ general engineering. The integration of additional functions enables complex workpieces to be fully machined on these turning and turning-milling centers to further increase your yield rates.


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Vertical turning machines

In the vertical turning industry, Hessapp offers a wide range of machines with swing diameters from 250 to 2,000 mm. Flexible technology modules and numerous options result in a unique range of applications for different volumes and workpiece sizes, from a brake disc to wind turbine transmissions.

Hessapp pick-up vertical turning centers in the DVH series guarantee the highest productivity and part quality at an ideal price-performance ratio.

The unique machine concept in the Hessapp DVT series with direct workpiece transfer stands for uncompromising complete machining combined with the highest accuracy for subsequent processing. This enables a component to be transferred to the next chuck in the clamped state without any loss in position. A particularly compact design also reduces the space requirement compared to two stand alone machines with a workpiece transfer and reversing device.

Hessapp VDM vertical turning centers offer individual solutions for complex workpiece machining operations. They are ideal for heavy-duty machining together with hard and fine machining of small to large part sizes. Fully automated production including process monitoring is also possible.


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MODUL H 80 – H 400


Modul hobbing machines in the H 80 – H 200 and H 250 – H 400 series ensure maximum yield rates in the high performance range from single part and small series production to mass production. These small to medium-sized hobbing machines can be used to produce high-quality external gears for workpieces up to 400 mm in diameter and gear module 8 by means of one or multi-cut machining in conventional or climb milling. The hobbing machines can be used for axial, radial-axial, tangential and diagonal hobbing and for form milling using the single graduation method.

Modul VS 250

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Vertical Jobs Grand Speeder high-speed milling centers with an electro-welded structure have a traveling crossbeam that moves on two columns. The special machine architecture enables high positioning and configuration flexibility and ensures maximum operator safety as well as optimal monitoring of production processes.


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High speed moving column milling




Sachman TRT10 bed milling machines differ from other bed milling machines of the same size: all axis movements occur via very large roller shoes to enable high speed and/or acceleration. At the same time, however, they also feature an excellent chipping capacity. The transverse motion (Y-axis) is performed via a traveling column, whereas the longitudinal motion (X-axis) is as usual via the movable table.

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High Power Bridge Type Milling Centres

Founded in 1945, Rambaudi has marked the history of the machine tool with its milling machines and machining centers.
Today is a major worldwide brand for the supply of high-speed machines or high-capacity removal machines and of tailored solutions for the moulds & dies and general engineering industries. The product range includes 3 types of machines: moving column along the cross axis (T-configuration), moving crossrail and fixed bridge.


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Pfiffner is the world's leading manufacturer of rotary transfer machines. The headquarters of Pfiffner is located in Switzerland and there are other locations of Pfiffner in Germany, China and Russia to be able to deliver and maintain machines in the whole world. Pfiffner provides the best solutions in the production of high-volume work pieces. A rotary transfer machine is able to process work pieces on different stations at the same time. Rotary transfer systems from Pfiffner are very efficient, precise, flexible and productive.

Pfiffner RT 100-12

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Multi-way rotary transfer machine

Flexible and Special-Purpose Rotary Table Transfer Machines

In order to contribute to the efficiency of a modern production unit for medium-high volumes, a supplier of sophisticated and complex top-class transfer machines must be able to satisfy a variety of sometimes conflicting requirements, such as cost saving, modularity, precision, reliability, ease of use and durability, while at the same time appreciating all these factors in the light of mechanical and technical obsolescence as well. IMAS distinguishes itself in this field, because we always try to identify with the Customer’s needs and to come up with the very best technical solution. The result is a production system proposal that often goes beyond the traditional concept of transfer and which, in conclusion, enables the Customer to greatly reduce his part production costs.

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