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In Cooperation with one of the biggest industrial knifes manufacturer in Japan TOYO KNIFE CO., LTD., SAHAMIT has established the Industrial Knifes dvision in 2007. We could produce various kinds under supervision by Japanese technician to meet Japan Quality Standard.

Chipper Knife

For chipping Woods Logs,SLABS,and Waste Wood to use in several kinds of industries as follow;

  • Paper Pulp
  • MDF Board
  • Particle Board
  • Hard Board
  • Wood Chipping Plant for selling (Wood Chips)
  • Power Plant by using Waste wood



Flaker Knife

For Flaking Wood Chips to be wood flakes to use in several kinds of industries as follow;

  • Particle Board
  • Cement Chip Board
  • OSB Board

Technical Information

  • Steel Material: BOHLER - CHIPPER STEEL from Austria
  • Heat Treatment: Vacuum Quenching and Tempering Furnaces From France
  • Quality Control: Supervised By specialists from TOYO KNIFE CO.,LTD.- Japan
  • Standard Hardness: 52-60 HRC / 69-81 SH
  • Knife Length: 80-1,200 MM.



For the type of industrial knives that we cannot produce we imported from TOYO KNIFE Japan. The products are under ISO 9001 and ISO 9002, Certified by Japan Quality Organization (JQA)

Circular Knives

  • Metal Industries
  • Tape and Converting Industries
  • Magnetic Tape and Li-Ion battery
  • Film and Metal foil
  • Paper
  • Abrasive paper
  • Rubber


Straight Knives

Straight Knives

  • Metal industries
  • Plywood and Veneer Industries
  • Paper and Converting Industries
  • Tire Industries

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