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Product DNE Fiber Laser Machine

DNE Laser was established in Shenzhen. After years of R&D, production, and sales of metal laser cutting machines, DNE Laser has won great marketing influence, market share and unique reputation in service. In 2014, it won the favor of Bystronic Group (Switzerland) and in 2016, a Joint Venture between the two was successfully established. DNE Laser officially became a member of Bystronic Group.

The joint venture combines strengths of both parties to engage in the innovation and production of laser cutting technologies. Now DNE Laser has a production base of over 30,000 square meters and a professional team in laser cutting technology. With cutting edge laser technologies and cooperation with suppliers from Germany, the US, the UK, DNE Laser has developed a series of laser cutting equipment with highly efficient electro-optical conversion, high beam quality and stable performance. A number of technologies are the most advanced, especially in terms of cutting thickness and speed.

picture : High power fiber laser cutting machine picture : DNE fiber laser pipe cutting machine

The main products of DNE Laser include: high power laser cutting machine(3000W-15,000W), medium power laser cutting machine(<3000W), which are widely used in electric power devices, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electric appliance, hotel kitchen equipment, elevators, advertisement & posters, car decoration, sheet metal products, precision parts and hardware products, etc.

Quality is our social responsibility” is the everlasting operation philosophy of DNE Laser. All the machines have been developed by innovative design & precise manufacturing. Technical innovation, scientific design and precise manufacturing are practiced in the R&D, design and production of each machine. All the production process is strictly controlled in line with international quality system to ensure best performance & quality.

Shenzhen DNE Laser Science And Technology Co., Ltd. perseveres in ustained Excellence in Optical Technology Development & Original Cutting Process as its forever target to keep its leading position in laser cutting field and exerts more potential on application fields. All the customer demands from different fields can be satisfied by DNE'S solid technologies, perfect performing machines, professional staffs and sincere services.

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