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Multi-spindle machining centers

Be Productive. Be SW.
60 % shorter cycle time per workpiece | 60 % less space required | 50 % lower energy cost

One thing counts above everything in global competition: Productivity. The only way for manufacturers to sustainably maintain a strong position in supply chains is through reliably high machining quality and short cycle times. Especially in medium and large series production, multi-spindle machining centers from SW meet these requirements like no other production technology. However, individual machines are only part of the solution. The full potential can only be unlocked through the interplay of all production steps with customized automation to ensure a reduced-manpower operation.

Because of this, more and more companies are investing in complete manufacturing lines: An optimized process chain from machine loading through various individual process steps such as deburring or washing and on to measuring and packaging – automatically and consistently documented. SW has been planning and implementing lines like these for decades and the demand is growing steadily. Productivity and availability are closely related. Modern service includes much more than responding quickly to failures. life services from SW begin on the day of delivery: From commissioning machines and training employees through online services and on to upgrades for older machines. Or as we say: Be pro. Be SW.

Machining center / BA W0

For machining of workpieces made of Aluminium and non-magnetic raw material.

Brand new, extremely fast, and future-oriented. Do you still produce large, light metal workpieces such as 8-speed gearbox housings on single-spindle machines? That era is over. The market is progressing and SW is thinking ahead. How about doubling your production in the same amount of time? The twin horizontal spindle BA W08-22 makes it possible. The expanded working area (800 x 900 x 650 mm) provides more space – ideal for even the largest of workpieces.

SW BA W08 machine

Direct drive technology in all axes provides optimum acceleration and speed (up to 2 g and 120 m/min). Two independent X- and Z-axes increase flexibility and accuracy. The monobloc design, the double swivel carrier, and in-cycle workpiece loading are proven SW standards also implemented into the W08. 4- and 5-axis machining can both be performed with ease. It is unlike anything seen before; an unparalleled unit on the market. The new BA W08-22 – a machining center that takes you further.

NAME BA W08-12 BA W08-22
Spindles 1 2
Spindle distance - 800
Speed range 1 - 17 500 rpm 1 - 17 500 rpm
Power / torque 35 kW / 80 Nm (40% ED) 2 x 35 kW / 80 Nm (40%)
HSK interface Work spindle HSK-A63 (HSK-A80 optional) Work spindle HSK-A63 (HSk-A80 optional)
X-dimension (mm) 1500 800
Y-dimension (mm) 900 900
Z-dimension (mm) 650 650

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