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The Absolute hydraulic Press Brake

The ABSOLUTE hydraulic system is specifically designed for high speed, synchronized Y1/Y2 press brakes. The system achieves position and parallelism accuracies of +/- 0.01mm via advanced, closed-loop hydraulics technology.

AccurPress 5200016

Absolute Standard Features
• Delem DA-58T 15” Touchscreen Control
• Quick Release Clamps
    - Graduated Wedge Adjustment
    - In-Place Section Removal
• One set of Precision Ground Tooling (Punch and Die)
• Servo X Axis and Manual R Axis backguage
    - 2 Quick Release Flip Fingers on Linear Bearings
• Accurcrown (Mechanical Crowning)
• Two Swing-Type Support Arms with Stops
• Rear Fluorescent Lighting
• Metal Side Doors
• Lifetime-Lubricated Hardened and Chromed Slides
• Rexroth or Voith Low Noise Hydraulic Pump
• Fast Approach and Retract

Accessories and Upgrades
• Z1, Z2 Backgauge axes (Requires DA-66T Upgrade)
• 6-Axis Supreme Backgauge (Requires DA-66T Upgrade)
•CNC Sheet Followers (Requires DA-66T Upgrade)
• Side Parking Station for Sheet Followers
• Optional Extra Stroke and Open Height
• Optional Extra Throat Depth
• Safety System
    - Lazersafe Defender Plus
• Tandem Option
    - Only requires 2 communications connections
• Additional Operator Pedestal
    - A key selector is fitted to the machine
• Hydraulic Clamping
• Wila Tooling


Fully Automated Systems
In addition to workflow enhancers such as the Sheet Supports and the Sheet followers, Accurpress provides turnkey automated systems that can load, punch, form, tap, bend and stack parts in a single integrated system. We’ve worked closely with customers such as Hitachi and Mitsubishi to provide high-value, innovative automated systems.

The Heavy duty AccurShear

Superior Design for Shearing Accuracy
Unique Hydra-Mechanical Rocker Arm Drive System This design, unique to the Accurshear, combines the best of both worlds. The swing link beam design delivers the strength, power and rigidity of the guillotine system. The parallel movement of the blade produces a cutting motion that delivers superior blade life and permits the use of 4-edged blades top and bottom. It also allows easy blade clearance adjustment, not afforded by a traditional swing beam design. The hydra-mechanical design utilizes two hydraulic cylinders, interconnected by a thick-walled Torque tube, to provide the shearing force

AccurShear 625010

Highest Shearing Rating Capacities
All Accurshear models are rated to shear structural quality steel with typical mechanical properties up to 52 kg/mm2 tensile and 31 kg/mm2 yield strengths.

Quality Shearing Blades
Sourced in USA, the Accurshear uses the highest quality shear blades specially developed to provide maximum longevity and to minimize re-sharpening. Depending on the shear capacity, either high carbon, high chrome, or high carbon/shock resisting blades are used for shearing a wide range of metals such as aluminum, A36 plate, stainless, and titanium. An optional D2 blade, which offers additional hardness, is available as an option on the 6135 and 6250 series.

    Shearing Blades

Lowest Fixed Rake Angles
The amount of bow and twist produced on a sheared piece of metal is directly related to the rake angle of the shear. Higher rake angles will produce greater amounts of these distortions in the metal. The Accurshear is manufactured with extremely low rake angles to ensure optimum shearing quality with minimum distortions in all material thicknesses.

Standard Features
• Pendant mounted control
• 915mm backgauge travel with automatic swing-up at rear
• 4-edged blades, top and bottom modified high carbon, high chrome
• Footswitch with emergency stop
• Rear light curtains
• 1200mm squaring arm with 1mm increments
• Automatic, powered blade clearance adjustment
• Hold-down pads
• Hand slots in table
• Shadow light and line
• Oil cooler

TN2000C Control System
All of the Accurshear control buttons including Start Stop, Mode selector, Stroke control, Stroke counter, and Backgauge selects are located on a sleek front console. To make it really accessible, the console is mounted to an arm pendant from the side of the Accurshear. The three mode selects are useful for various shearing applications.
• Jog Mode allows the ram to move downward and stay in position when the footswitch is released. This mode is used primarily
  when setting and checking clearances along  the length of the shear knives.
• Manual Mode allows the ram to move down to the bottom limit setting and only returning upon the release of the footswitch.
• Autocycle Mode allows the ram to continuously cycle while the footswitch is engaged.

The shear operator may also choose the Backgauge Retract feature via the console. This retracts the stop bar once the holddowns clamp the material just prior to the shear cycle to avoid material wedging between the shear knives and stop bar.

The Accumax Servo –electric Turret punch press

The All Electric Turret Punch Press
Designed with the modern fabricator in mind, the new generation of AccurMax turret punch is a low energy, high efficiency turret punch with low environmental and maintenance costs.

AccurMAX AM2258

Flexible Thick Turret
The multiple turret configurations provide flexible production setups. The thick turret combined with replaceable hardened tooling sleeves provides customers with minimum deflection and maximum machine longevity.

Standard Features
The AccurMax comes standard with the following features:
• Automatic Tool and Linear Components Lubrication System
• Pneumatic Ball Transfer and Brush Table for ease of loading/unloading
• Vacuum Assist System for slug removal
• 32 Stations 2 Auto indexing stations
• Mirror-Type Safety System to guard entire work envelope
• Man-Sensors on moving tables
• Sheet Jam Protectors to detect warped material
• Sheet-gripper sensors to detect loose material

Accurpress Automation
Accurpress Automation has options for configuring and linking machines with various types of robotics. The flexible setups allow for full production lines or simple standalone installations, whatever your needs, Accurpress will deliver. Achieve fast and precise performance with a customized automation setup. A number of features and options are available to ensure your individual requirements are perfected.

Fully Automation

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