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 GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machines, Automation solutions and services to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. Products range from electric discharge machines and high-speed and high-performance Milling machines - including clamping and palletization systems - to 3D Laser surface texturing machines, services, spare and expendable parts, consumables, and Automation solutions.

Based in Switzerland and maintaining a presence on 50 sites worldwide, GF Machining Solutions is a globally active group and source of strength to its customers. A company belonging to Georg Fischer Group (Switzerland). More information can be found at

Products and solutions

In Milling, EDM, Laser texturing and Automation technologies– from automotive and aerospace and aeronautics to medtech, electronic components, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – GF Machining Solutions’ customers worldwide depend on our application know-how and process expertise. GF Machining Solutions’ customers range from small and medium-sized toolmakers to global corporations.

Product Wire Cut EDM

Wire EDM machine uses a metallic wire (electrode) to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. In the machining area, each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece (material removal) and an impact on the tool (wear of the tool/electrode). The wire can be inclined, thus making it possible to make parts with taper or with different profiles at the top and bottom. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper, and is between 0.02 and 0.33 mm diameter

Picture : CUT 2000S

Micro Machining

AgieCharmilles FORM S series
Break through into the world of micro-profiles

Open up new opportunities for ultra-precise machining of miniaturized components in various fields of technology, including aerospace, defense, medical instruments, semiconductor that may require wire diameters down to 0.02 mm.

High Speed Machining

AgieCharmilles CUT P Series
Limitless Possibilities

The new CUT P offers excellent performance, reducing your time to market and helping you produce faster with Automation and lower running costs. With its latest-generation Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) and all the available features, the CUT P is designed for productivity.

Picture : CUT P 550

General Purpose

AgieCharmilles CUT E series
The CUT E 350/ CUT E 600 range puts efficiency at the touch of your finger with a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies that streamline your job setup. Thanks to the digital Intelligent Power Generator (IPG), cutting speed and surface finish are improved.

Picture : CUT E 600

Product Die Sinking  EDM

EDM can be used to machine conductive materials of any hardness (for example steel or titanium) to an accuracy of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter with no mechanical action. By virtue of these properties, EDM is one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. There are two distinct processes — wire-cutting EDM and die-sinking EDM. GF Machining Solutions’ solutions include hole drilling EDM.

GF Machining Solutions is revolutionizing die-sinking EDM with features like FTC — the world’s fastest tool changer — and IQ technology to dramatically reduce electrode wear. All of our die-sinking systems offer fast removal and deliver mirror finishes of Ra 0.05 µm with pulse duration as short as 50 nanoseconds.

Picture : FORM S 350


Micro Machining

AgieCharmilles FORM S series
Break through into the world of micro-profiles

Easily—and with extreme repeatability—deliver the perfect machining accuracy your ICT and automotive customers demand. Meeting their stringent quality requirements for electronic components is a snap, thanks to the high-precision AgieCharmilles FORM S 350 sinker EDM solution. Exceed your customers’ expectations and profit from its state-of the art design with onboard power generation system, accuracy-enhancing stability and thermostabilization, and productivity-boosting machining quality.

Picture : FORM P 350

High Speed Machining

AgieCharmilles FORM P series
Boost your running time with efficiency

The AgieCharmilles FORM P sinker EDM solution takes the management of deep ribs to new levels of respect for details of form and surface finishing while advancing manufacturers’ cost efficiency and machining speed.

Picture : FORM P 600


Cost Effective

AgieCharmilles FORM E series
Best value for your investment

For general mold and die, as well as specific industry segments like aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, and information and communications technology, the new die-sinking EDM AgieCharmilles machines offer success-enabling features and excellent performance. The machines’ generator and all the available features in the standard configuration make the AgieCharmilles FORM E machines comprehensive partners in customers’ production chains.

Picture : FORM E 600


Product Hole Drilling EDM

Hole drilling EDM uses low cost electrode tube (normally brass or copper material) to drill holes on a electrically conductive material at a very high speed, the hole depth diameter ratio can reach up to 200. The hole diameter is normally from 0.3mm to 3.0mm, with five axis configuration the machine can drill hole at any angles on a inclined surface workpiece. This technology is widely used for hole machining in aerospace, energy, cutting tools, automotive, medical, mold and die industries.  


Picture : DRILL 20


Product Milling (Mikron)

In modern machining technology, there is an ever-increasing trend towards high levels of availability and greater flexibility. The demand is for even better machining quality, shorter turnaround times and improved, more cost-effective solutions. The future oriented strategy for the standard machines produced by GFMS is based on this development. From the complete range of machines, toolmakers, mold makers and component manufactures can select individual solution in order to gain a competitive edge.

Picture : Mikron MILL S 500


High speed milling : precision and quality for tool- and moldmaking

GF Machining Solutions’ range of high-speed milling centers — engineered and built in Switzerland — boast the essential structural design, high-speed spindles, high feed rates, axis mechanism and best-in-class acceleration for machining complex three-dimensional surfaces across a wide range of applications.

High speed milling centers are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines in terms of cutting speed. Greater accuracy and a better surface finish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use.


Graphite machining

The Mikron MILL S 500 GRAPHITE is a high-speed Milling machine dedicated to graphite machining. With its experience in tough high-speed Milling in combination with a dedicated three-axis graphite machine, GF MS provides the optimum solution for dry graphite Milling. The unique design provides clean, dry graphite machining for high accuracy, surface quality and dynamic processing.

Picture : Mikron MILL S 500 GRAPHITE

The Mikron MILL S 400/500 GRAPHITE provides the ideal answer to these challenges. It combines the well-established MILL S 400/500 that set a benchmark in terms of speed and surface finish with high-speed Milling (HSM) technology and a dedicated, high-precision Step-Tec Spindle.


MILL S U Series

Speed and high surface quality—combined
Achieve speed, precision and surface finish automatically optimized to your particular mold and die focus—whether you’re serving automotive, ICT, packaging or electronic component manufacturers—with these five-axis Milling solution.

Picture : Mikron MILL S 200 U


High Performance Machine ( HPM)

In contrast to High Speed Cutting, this technology mainly is used for the machining of two dimensional geometries. The cutting depth ap and the step over ap along with the machining feed allow calculation of the material removal per unit of time (cm3/min). This process in particular is suitable when it comes to the removal of large volumes of material or the machining of difficult to cut materials. High power, high torque spindles are a must. Primarily used cutting tools are insert type milling heads, specific high performance end mills, drills, boring heads and special tooling.


Mikron MILL P U serie: Agility for the future

Agility for the future: Mikron MILL P series delivers intelligent productivity to help mold and die manufacturers overcome their challenges. Rapid market developments and future-changing innovations challenge mold and die manufacturers’ ability to adapt to change. GF Machining Solutions provides these manufacturers with agility for the future with its Mikron MILL P series of five-axis, simultaneous Milling machines.The Mikron MILL P U Series is a very robust, stable and accurate machine center in a gantry-type design. This five-axis Milling solution is designed for high-performance machining applications. For best accuracy and surface finish by simultaneous operation, the machine has water-cooled direct drives in the rotary and swiveling axes. These axes can be clamped to reach even a higher stiffness during roughing. Workpiece access is made easy by the big door and the short distance to the work table. Thanks to its unique concept and its modularity, the machine ensures precise machining applications in both single item and fast, productive serial production.

Picture : Mikron MILL P 500 U


Mikron HPM U Series
Precision solution for big parts and molds

Produce high-accuracy and high-precision parts with perfect surface quality to meet the expectations of your customers in the general mechanical, mold and die, aircraft and automotive industries. Count on enduring precision—even over long machining times—thanks to a sturdy portal cast base and hand-scraped key components. Achieve unbeatable productivity and accuracy thanks to this solution’s integrated Automation, hand-scraped key components, and machining dynamics.

Picture : Mikron HPM 1350 U


Mikron MILL P 900 : Guide you to the top

Across a wide range of market segments the Mikron MILL P 900 vertical, three-axis Milling machine delivers quality, competitiveness, productivity and efficiency to a broad range of applications. With its robust portal structure featuring high dynamic stiffness, this solution is especially designed for mold, die and part producers who are looking for the best surface quality and very high positioning and contour accuracy. With the machine’s one-touch process, manufacturers can experience roughing and finishing performance on one single machine. Thanks to the machine optimum ergonomics manufacturers can easely load workpieces up to 1,000 kg manually through the broad front door. Moreover, with its integrated Automation from the back through the gantry and a capacity of up to 80 kg, manufacturers’ second and third shift productivity is fully covered at a lower cost. With a symmetrical gantry design, a polymer concrete structure, and integrated cooling management that includes water cooling through the machine base and Intelligent Thermal Control (ITC), the MILL P 900 provides high thermal stability around the clock.

Picture : Mikron MILL P 900


Mikron MILL P 500 - Reliably exceptional performance with uncompromising process security

Designed for automation and robust, long-term precision, the Mikron MILL P 500 vertical 3-axis milling machine delivers consistent performance you can count on - every part, every day. The MILL P 500 gives manufacturers an affordable path to achieve the highest part quality and throughput. It’s specifically designed for challenging mold, die and electrode milling applications in the information and communications technology (ICT) and electronics industries, as well as automotive, medical, packaging and home appliance applications.

Picture : Mikron MILL P 500


High Efficiency Machine (HEM)
Mikron MILL E U series: Unleash your full potential

The range of solutions is a second-generation successor to the HEM U range. It brings greater machining capacity and better machining performance to a more robust machine base. With the large swivel range from -65° to + 120° and the ability to load heavy parts up to 450 kg onto the tilting, swiveling table, these solutions U allows users to manufacture a wider range of parts and tools than any other machine currently on the market. It is based on a stiff and stable C-frame construction made out of cast iron. Thanks to large guideways, a double side-supported rotary table and an optimum chip removal rate, this machine delivers quality on parts and reliable operations. Whether you are a job shop or a part producer, these machines are the right solutions to help you tackle the many different requirements coming from the automotive, energy and power generation, and general mechanics industries.

Picture : Mikron MILL E 700 U


Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Discover a new dimension of freedom of design, process optimization and higher productivity with GF Machining Solutions' advanced manufacturing solutions. Confidently explore new business opportunities, thanks to the increased performance allowed by Laser texturing, Additive Manufacturing and Laser micromachining.


Product Laser Texturing

Laser texturing
When a new manufacturing era begins

Aligned with GF Machining Solutions’ vision of the smart factory of the future, our Laser texturing technology helps you overcome your daily manufacturing challenges while allowing you to innovate without compromise, speed up your time to market, and reduce your environmental impact. Our Laser texturing solutions allows you to easily and with infinite repeatability make your distinct mark on 3D geometries in a wide range of industries such as automotive interiors, automotive lighting, tire, consumer electronics, packaging, cosmetic, luxury goods, medical, home appliances, tooling, mold making, and lifestyle/consumer products like shoes, sporting products and more. Laser texturing is poised to transform the texturing of plastic injection molds and allow designers to innovate without limits thanks to our unique Laser texturing product portfolio answering your specific needs : Laser texturing, Laser blasting, Laser engraving, and Laser etching services can be answered with the same and unique solution.


AgieCharmilles LASER P series
Increased opportunities

GF Machining Solutions’ digital Laser texturing technology—fully digital, precise and ecologically sound—is already a proven solution for adding distinct textures to molds for car interiors, packaging, home appliance and ICT. Be ready to execute Laser texturing, Laser etching, Laser blasting and Laser engraving—all on the same solution—to accelerate your success with our LASER P 600 U, LASER P 1000 U, LASER P 1200 U and LASER P 4000 U

Laser texturing adds to and extends the technologies offered by GF Machining Solutions. With our laser technology we enable you to produce texturizing, engraving, microstructuring, marking and labeling of 2D geometries right through to complex 3D geometries. GF Machining Solutions' Laser Texturing Technology enables individualization of products and compared to conventional surface treatment using etching processes, offers economic, ecological and design advantages.

Picture : LASER P 1000 U


AgieCharmilles LASER S series
Innovative Texturing. Accelerated productivity.

A highly efficient, fully digital, all-in-one Laser texturing solution conceived to help you achieve the desired texturing quality without compromising productivity. Use the full potential of GF Machining Solutions’ latest generation Laser texturing innovation to stay ahead of your competitors. GF Machining Solutions’ LASER S series, is setting a new milestone and making it possible to execute challenging product designs at a maximum quality and productivity. Our latest-generation Laser texturing solutions, LASER S series will empower designers to perfectly apply their designs to challenging surfaces and enable manufacturers to execute innovative graining into complex 3D shapes while controlling quality and cost per part, reducing lead time and machining time.

Picture : LASER S 1000 U


Product Additive Manufacturing
Two partners, one vision for transforming manufacturing

GF Machining Solutions, a leading global provider of complete solutions to the precision machining industry and manufacturers of precision components, and 3D Systems, a leading global provider of AM solutions and the pioneer of 3D printing, have partnered to introduce new metal 3D printing solutions.

DMP Flex/Factory 350
Robust, flexible metal 3D printer for 24/7 part production

The DMP Flex 350 enables more efficient production of very dense, pure metal parts and includes improved gas flow technology for improved uniform part quality across the entire build area. Flexible, high throughput, high repeatability metal 3D printer that generates high quality precision parts with maximum part size 275 x 275 x 420 mm from the most challenging alloys.

Picture : AM DMP Flex 350


DMP Factory 350
Ensure maximum safety and powder integrity

DMP Factory 350 has an integrated powder management system with high-performance sieving and automated powder conveyance. The O2-free atmosphere of the powder workflow guarantees highest part quality as well as maximum powder usage and minimizes user powder contact.

Picture : AM DMP Flex 350


Product Laser micromachining

Miniaturization is a clear trend and the accuracy of miniature features challenges manufacturers to deliver precision parts, ensure higher end-product performance, and effectively control the price per part. Achieve small, high-precision features with the industry’s most complete line of Laser micromachining platforms optimized to meet the increasing need for smaller, smarter parts to support today’s leading-edge products.

Achieve excellent edge and surface quality and straight sidewalls

Machine perfect holes and other features in seconds, thanks to the industry-leading ML-5 ultrafast Laser micromachining platform’s combination of part handling, motion control, and real-time positioning feedback. At the same time, achieve ultrahigh surface and edge quality, thanks to this solution’s ability to machine a wide range of materials with no tool wear and no heat-affected zone.

Picture : Laser micromachining ML-5


Ultimate work space maximization: ideal for aerospace appplications

Discover the ML-10, our ultrafast solution dedicated to drilling and shaping holes. Designed around aerospace customers’ requests, this solution can machine anything from small parts to combustor liners. Achieve highest performance in terms of positioning accuracy and respect for details with this compact, dedicated machine.

Simplify the complex machining processes in cutting tubes for medical applications

Achieve success in the medical device industry and other applications, thanks to the ultrafast MLTC Laser tube-cutting platform. Quickly and accurately machine complex features in metal and polymer tubes with high precision.



With Operations Support GF Machining Solutions offers you a wide range of certified consumables and original wear parts, ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak precision and performance. With these products you create a reliable production environment where all components are specifically designed and chosen to work together. Together with strategic partners we develope, certify and homologate specific consumables and wear parts.


ลวดทองเหลือง (BRASS WIRE)

  • AC BRASS WIRE 400 DIA 0.25 MM., 4KG.
  • AC BRASS 500 DIA 0.25 MM., 4KG.
  • AC BRASS 500 DIA 0.25 MM., 16KG.
  • AC BRASS LP1000 DIA 0.25 MM., 5KG.
  • AC BRASS LP1000 DIA 0.20 MM., 5KG.

ลวดโลหะทองเหลือง เคลือบสังกะสี (BRASS WIRE WITH ZINC COATED)

  • AC CUT A900 DIA 0.10 MM., 4KG.
  • AC CUT A900 DIA 0.15 MM., 4KG.

ลวดโลหะทองแดง เคลือบสังกะสี (COPPER WIRE WITH ZINC COATED)

  • AC CUT XS DIA 0.25 MM., 4KG.


  • AC CUT VE900 DIA 0.25 MM., 5KG.

ไส้กรองสำหรับเครื่องจักร CNC WIRE CUTTING MACHINE และ CNC EDM MACHINE


เรซิ่นสำหรับเครื่องจักร CNC WIRE CUTTING MACHINE


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