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Annealing is the process of restoring completely or partially stable conditions for the steel grade in changing its microstructure and its mechanical properties. Annealing can be suitable to cancel a work hardening, a too high hardness and stress concentrations.
After annealing, the steel will be more ductile, less hard and in stable conditions (thermodynamic equilibrium). Then the steel becomes well-suited for forming or shaping applications or ready to receive another hardening process.



Stress Relieving

Stress relieving is a process that significantly reduces internal stress in a material, like steel or metal, without altering its other properties. This process is typically carried out by heating the material to a suitable temperature. Stress relieving is recommended for steel that is subject to fragility and cracks generation when it undergoes hardening or before it is used in downstream processes. For example, it is recommended to make a stress relieving heat treatment after hardening or forming.

Normalizing is done with the purpose of transforming an inhomogeneous microstructure with some unwanted components into a consistent and regular fine-grained microstructure. For example, we recommend normalizing after casting or hot forming due to a structure which is not homogeneous enough.
Sub-Zero Treatment or Cryogenic

"Sub-Zero" is a process required to initiate or finalize a metallurgical transformation below the ambient temperature. For example, “Sub-Zero” is required to finalize the transformation of austenite into martensite for some steels grades. If the “Sub-Zero” is not performed in some cases, the steel may contain some retained austenite which is not suitable to reach the desired hardness and subsequent mechanical properties. This process may also prevent dimensional changes when the steel is put into use. Sub-Zero treatment is typically carried out at extremely cold temperatures, around -80 to -150 degrees Celsius, using liquid nitrogen.

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