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Fair Friend Group (FFG) was established in 1979 with the founding principles of reliability, growth, continuous advancement, best in quality, and strive for excellence. FFG consists of three major divisions of businesses: (1) Machine Tool Division,(2) Industry Equipment Division, and (3) Green Energy Division. Products ranges from CNC machine tools, power tools & equipment , forklifts , construction machinery, parking garage equipment, pneumatic equipment, printed circuit boards, LCD monitors & TV, solar cell conductive adhesives, LED lighting , magnesium alloy forging, and testing equipment for semiconductor & LED wafer. FFG has 98 production and operational bases worldwide collaborating together to share the group's global resources. Transforming from dealer to manufacturer and from traditional industry to high-tech industry enabled FFG to advance not only in management and technology but also in the quality of products and services that meet or surpass international standards.

Machine Tool Division

FFG has become the world's largest machining center manufacturing group and the largest machine tool group in greater China (i.e. Taiwan / China / Hong Kong / Singapore and Southeast Asia). FFG operates 52 manufacturing bases worldwide and has 39 machine tool brands under the conglomerate. FFG is on track to become the world's largest machine tool group in 2018 and plays a vital role on the global stage based on the strategy of "Rooting in Taiwan, Market Cultivation in China, and business expansion worldwide" and the business philosophy of "innovation, brand marketing, human resource development, joint venture, and merger/acquisition".


Double Column Machining Centers / Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine


FFG Europe 



Horizontal turning centers

Configure your VDF T from a variety of modular components to match your individual and specific machining requirements before and after rigging – and save money by only investing in what you really need.



Vertical turning machines

The patented design for complete machining without compromise, combined with maximum precision. Nearly two decades of experience have perfectly honed the DVT machine system, making it unrivalled among comparable systems on the market.

When it comes to high precision in one chucking after another, in particular, the advantages are significant, because the workpiece is transferred to the next chuck still clamped, without losing its position.
Ever more restricted production floor space requires a compact machine design. Compared to the footprint of two individual machines with interlinking and turnover station, the advantages of the DVT are especially obvious. Ergonomic machine design with large doors and windows for maximum user friendliness, easy setup and fixturing. As the turnover station is dispensed with, automation setup times are also minimized.



Modul hobbing machines H80/ 160 / 200

The H 80/160/200 series is the second platform of our smallest hobbing machine line for automotive applications. These machines have been designed for dry cutting applications in particular, though using oil or emulsion is no problem. Chips are conveyed cleanly from the work area by means of a chute, which is steep and smooth in design to prevent any build up. The hob head is housed within the tool column, which is tightly fastened to the sturdy machine bed. The tailstock is located on the tool column above the hob head, leaving the work area remarkably free for workpiece loading and unloading operations. To cater for your line automation needs, the machine is available with a standard, direct-driven double gripper loader. Placing a machine in close proximity to your workpiece conveyor belt, in fact, requires no further automation other than that provided by the completely integrated solution. All peripheral units are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly (including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and chip disposal).



Linear motor overhead gantry type milling centres

Jobs, thanks to the recent Sachman integration, currently offers a product range which is unique in the world due to its variety of technologies (High Power/Torque, Middle Power, High Speed, Very High Speed), range of sizes (from 2 metres to... infinity (!), architectural differentiation (mobile column, "T", overhead/floor gantry, fixed gantry) as well as a wide range of automation modules and accessories.Thanks to its vast background of experience and solid applicative technological knowledge, Jobs product range includes engineered customised "turnkey systems" based on the final user's needs, even the most sophisticated.



High speed moving column milling

Sachman is a Jobs’ product line. Fully complementary to Jobs’ milling centres, the Sachman product range has been designed to offer highly flexible and versatile solutions, mainly aimed at subcontractors in general engineering, moulds and dies, energy and automotive fields.



High Power Bridge Type Milling Centres

Founded in 1945, Rambaudi has marked the history of the machine tool with its milling machines and machining centers.
Today is a major worldwide brand for the supply of high-speed machines or high-capacity removal machines and of tailored solutions for the moulds & dies and general engineering industries.
The product range includes 3 types of machines: moving column along the cross axis (T-configuration), moving crossrail and fixed bridge.



CNC Rotary transfer machine

Pfiffner is the world's leading manufacturer of rotary transfer machines. The headquarters of Pfiffner is located in Switzerland and there are other locations of Pfiffner in Germany, China and Russia to be able to deliver and maintain machines in the whole world. Pfiffner provides the best solutions in the production of high-volume work pieces. A rotary transfer machine is able to process work pieces on different stations at the same time. Rotary transfer systems from Pfiffner are very efficient, precise, flexible and productive.



Multi-way rotary transfer machine

The machine tool manufacturer Witzig & Frank is offering ideal solutions for the increasing productivity requirements of Chinese industrial manufacturers. With the order of seven TURMAT rotary transfer machines valued at EUR 15 million, the Offenburg-based company is booking the largest single order in company history in Asia. The world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners, Gree, will produce 20 million parts on the machines annually. 



Flexible and Special-Purpose Rotary Table Transfer Machines

In order to contribute to the efficiency of a modern production unit for medium-high volumes, a supplier of sophisticated and complex top-class transfer machines must be able to satisfy a variety of sometimes conflicting requirements, such as cost saving, modularity, precision, reliability, ease of use and durability, while at the same time appreciating all these factors in the light of mechanical and technical obsolescence as well. IMAS distinguishes itself in this field, because we always try to identify with the Customer’s needs and to come up with the very best technical solution. The result is a production system proposal that often goes beyond the traditional concept of transfer and which, in conclusion, enables the Customer to greatly reduce his part production costs.



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