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Company Profile


Sahamit Machinery PCL. (SMIT) was established on 7 June 1973 with an initial capital of 80,000 Baht to import and distribute materials, machinery and appliances for industries. The Company commenced it operation as an importer and distributor of paper and paper machineries and equipments and later expanded its business to other business groups to support Thailand’s industrial growth.

Currently, the Company covers 5 major product groups:

  1. Special Steel
  2. Machine Tools and Tooling
  3. Pulp and Paper
  4. Machinery and Equipment for Wood Processing
  5. Electrical Engineering

Moreover we also focus on an excellent before and after sales service supported by an efficient team to add value to our products consists of

  • Fully integrated Pre-finishing service to make the rough raw material ready for use.
  • The Heat Treatment services using state-of-the-art machinery and technology.
  • Provide consulting service for selection, installation and maintenance of the machine and spare parts.
  • Paper Cutting and Slitting Services
  • Custom made Abrasive Conversion Services
  • Industrial Knife Production for wood and paper industries, in cooperation with technology transferred from Toyo Knife Company Limited, Japan.

History and Major Development

1973 Established with 80,000 baht capital as a supplier of raw materials, machinery and equipment for industrial factories.
1990 Constructed the first warehouse in Sathupradit, Bangkok.
1993 Constructed Headquarter office in Bangkok
1994 Became a public company and raised registered capital to 140 million baht.
1995 Increased registered capital from 140 million to 160 million baht; bought plot of land in Bangpakong to constructed a warehouse and a steel facility center, as well as, constructed the second warehouse in Sathupradit, Bangkok.
1999 Constructed a first and second warehouses in Bangpakong to operate steel’s pre-finishing and paper slitting facility.
2000 Bought the third Sathupradit warehouse for paper stock.
2002 Constructed the third warehouse in Bangpakong for abrasive convertion.
2004 Raised registered to 550 million Baht .
2005 Listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on18 May 2005.
2006 Began to operate the heat treatment plant in Bangpakong. On 29 November 2006, H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presided over the grand opening ceremony.
2007 Constructed the Industrial Knife Production plant in Bangpakong by using technology transferred from Toyo Knife Company Limited, Japan and expand the capacity of the heat treatment plant
2008 Constructed the fourth warehouse in Bangpakong for Steel’s stock and expanded Sathupradit Warehouse for Electrical Engineering‘s workshop.
2010 Constructed the fifth warehouse in Bangpakong for Steel’s stock and for future expansion of the Industrial Knife Production and the heat treatment’s capacity.
2014 Further invest in Machineries for Steel’s services and heat treatment’s facility.
2015 Constructed the sixth warehouse in Bangpakong for Steel’s stock

Our Company

Tel  : 66(0) 2295-1000-8,66(0) 2295-1901-6
Fax  : 66(0) 2295 1009 , 66(0) 2683 0943 , 66(0) 2683 0944
Addr. : 42, 48 Rama 3 Road, Soi 53, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel. : 66(0) 38-080-400 , 66(0) 38-080-411
Fax : 66(0) 38-080-409 , 66(0) 38-080-419 , 66(0) 38-080-429

: 155 Moo 14 Sukhumvit Road (Old Route) Bang Pakong Tambon    Bang Pakong District Chachoengsao Province

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