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Heat Treatment is the company's new service to fulfill the one stop service strategy and add value to our products by using the
latest technology available to serve customers.

Type of Services

• Vacuum Quenching
• Low Pressure Nitriding Allnit
• Carburizing
• Carbonitriding
• Normalizing
• Annealing
• Oil Quenching and others
• Sub Zero

Heat Treatment

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 Vacuum Quenching Furnaces

 Vacuum Furnaces from france for demanding gas quenching thanks to the 
 rotative cooling ensuring an excellent uniformity. Automatic process for a 
 perfect reproducibility of the result. For hot work tool steels; cool work tool 
 steels, high speed steels, etc. 
 Vacuum Tempering and Allnit Nitriding Furnaces

 Allnit Nitriding is a thermochemical heat treatment for steels surface hardening 
 within vacuum furnace at low pressure.
 Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces

 Atmosphere Controlled Furnaces sealed quench and automatic control by PLC. 
 This furnace is suitable for different treatment: carburizing, carbonitriding, oil 
 quenching, annealing of carbon steel, low alloy steel and cast iron parts.

  Laboratory Quality Control

 1 Rockwell Hardness Tester 
 2 Micro Hardness Tester
 3 Microscope with PC
 4 Portable Leeb Hardness Tester and Portable Ultra Sonic Hardness Tester
 5 Special Treatment Sub-zero Cryogenic 




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