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Oil Quenching

Oil quenching is a process of quenching (fast cooling) by immersing steel into oil to increase its hardness at the expected level. It is suitable for low-carbon steel or low-alloy steel that requires very fast cooling. Our furnaces have an atmosphere control system managed by a PLC and can guarantee a consistent quality during the austenization phase (surface quality). In addition our oil bath is equipped with heat exchanger and an oil recirculation system which allow a homogeneous oil quenching over the full load.
Atmosphere Tempering

Atmosphere Tempering is a heat treatment process that adjusts the mechanical properties of metals, such as toughness and hardness, to reduce brittleness and internal stresses within the metal after it has been hardened to make the steel suitable for various applications.



Production Capacity  Service Highlights Job types

We may propose different sizes of furnaces to ensure fast and flexible heat treatments: the largest vacuum tempering furnace has a useful volume of 1200 mm X 1500 mm X 2500 mm (max up to 5000 Kg).

Additionally, our factory has been sized to treat simultaneously a large variety of jobs of different sizes and types from various industries: it enables us to deliver within a short notice. We also offer customized tempering services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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 - Consistent high-quality work
 - Capable of handling large-scale 
 - Able to accommodate large-sized pieces
 - Customized heat treatments as per
 - Controlled by a closed-loop PLC
   automation system
 - Compliant with comprehensive quality
   standards, including
 - Machinery Parts
 - Automotive Parts
 - Sports Accessories & Parts
 - Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
 - Special Parts

                    Steel Grades
High Carbon Steel: SUJ2, 2510, SK5, K460
Mild Carbon Steel: S45C, S55C, SCM440, P20, SKT4, HMD5
Low Carbon Steel: S20C, SCM415, SCM420, SPHC, SPCC, SS400, SS410, 5919, 5920

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