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Vacuum Nitriding (Allnit® Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing)

Vacuum Nitriding (Allnit® Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing) is a surface hardening process that uses clean gases at a special low pressure in a vacuum furnace. The hardened surface meets much higher tribological properties such as wear resistance and allows a longer cycle life when the part is put into use.

Another advantage of Allnit® Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing is that it can nitride and harden very homogeneously the inner surfaces of parts like tube or cavity: Other nitridings can hardly reach such performance level.

Allnit® Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing can perform much better than plasma nitriding for complex-shaped parts and allow for a control case depth ranging from 50 to 300 microns (deeper nitridings are also possible).

For lower grade steel, we propose our Allnit® Nitrocarburizing process to satisfy customers requiring only a low temperature surface hardening with no distortion or no metallurgical change. Our Allnit® Nitrocarburizing is perfect for the customers willing to avoid the major disadvantages of Carburizing which are high temperature heat treatment and higher distortion & deformation.

Above all, our Allnit® Nitridingand Nitrocarburizing can control the nitrogen potential continuously during our nitriding and nitrocarburizing heat treatments to obtain the best metallurgy and the most suitable combination (white) and diffusion layers: this technology is unique.

The surface obtained after nitriding and nitrocarburizing is clean and does not require any post machining or cleaning contrary to salt bath nitriding.

As Sahamit Machinery is fully dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are proud to say that this process is environmentally friendly with low gas consumption (low pressure and flow control).

Production Capacity  Service Highlights Job Types

We may propose different sizes of furnaces to ensure fast and flexible nitriding or nitrocarburizing heat treatments: the largest vacuum nitriding or nitrocarburizing furnace has a useful volume of 900 mm X 900 mm X 1500 mm (max of 1500 Kg). Additionally, our factory has been sized to treat simultaneously a large variety of nitriding or nitrocarburizing jobs of different sizes and types from various industries. We also offer customized nitriding or nitrocarburizingservices to meet the specific needs of our customers.


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 - Control of the nitriding and
   nitrocarburizing potential
 - Selection of the type of nitrided layers
   (control of the metallurgy)
 - Obtention of a compact combination
   (white) layer
 - Capability to nitride inner surfaces of
    tubes, holes or cavities
 - Dense load within the furnace to
    minimize the cost
 - Suitable to nitride complex work pieces
    and sharp angles
 - Selection of nitriding or
    nitrocarburizing process
 - Capability to make partial nitriding
 - Clean workpiece (no post nitriding
   cleaning or post nitriding machining
 - No pollution to the environment
Nitriding and nitrocarburizing is a suitable surface hardening for a wide range of application to enhance the tribological properties such as wear resitance. Our nitriding is also a highly suitable heat treatment before a PDV coating process.
Type of nitrided parts (or nitrocarburized parts for some applications):
- Tools, dies, molds such as:
Stamping die, aluminum die casting, forming die, forging die, cutting tools
- Production parts such as:
Agriculture parts, aerospace components, automotive parts, medical instruments, electronics parts…

                    Steel grades:
High-Speed Steel: S600, S705, SKH51, SKH55, YXM1, HAP40
Cold Work Steel: K110, K340, SLD, SKD11, DC53
Hot Work Steel: W302, W303, SKD61, 1.2367
Plastic Mold Steel: M238, NAK80
Medium Carbon Steel: S45C, S55C, SCM440, P20

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